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Jane with eyelet Collar

Add a little Swiss lace edging to the neckline of Jane to create a vintage and beautiful dress suitable for a more formal occasion. 


Children’s Corner Jane pattern
Eyelet lace


1. Construct the Children’s Corner Jane according to the printed directions. 

2. At the point of finishing the casing for the neckline, measure around the neckline and cut a piece of Swiss edging 1/2" longer than this measurement.

3. Stitch the ends of the swiss edging together to make a circle and finish the seam.

4. Place the seam at the center back of the neckline, and pin the Swiss edging to the neckline.

5. Serge around the top of the neckline of the dress. Press under this edge 3/8" and topstitch the casing leaving a 1/2” opening at the back.

6. Referring to the Children’s Corner Jane pattern for elastic lengths, run 1/4" elastic through the casing using a small safety pin.

Adapted by
Cathy Jones

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Download the printable instructions here:

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