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applique for Bunny's knit

Think of all the possibilities of how to personalize a Bunny's Knit Nightie for that special baby! Our pattern includes instructions of how to make the applique without an embroidery machine. In addition to the bunny included in the pattern, we put together additional ideas for boys or girls. You can even find a design perfect for that expecting mother who doesn’t know yet what she is having. The pattern includes the basic instructions for machine appliqué, and we provide some additional tips for layered appliqués and embellishments. 


Children’s Corner Bunny's Knit Nightie 
Fabric for appliqué 
Coordinating thread 


Layered Appliqués: Start with the bottom layer. For example, with the bird you want to appliqué the beak, body, then wing. Only appliqué around the outside edges. Do not appliqué the edges that will be layered. 

Legs/Mouth/Stems etc: Use a satin stitch (a zig zag stitch with stitch length close enough that the fabric does not show between the stitches, but not so close that they get stuck under the foot). Vary the width depending on your design, usually 2-4mm. 







Download the printable pdf instructions here: 

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