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a new sleeve cuff

As originally designed, many of our cuffed sleeve patterns (Aprons, Basics for Boys, etc) are made for fabric that does that not have a wrong side like solid broadcloth. The fabric is simply folded up to achieve the look of a cuff. However, when sewing with a printed fabric, the wrong side of the fabric will show when folded up. Our tutorial will guide you through how to make a cuff for your sleeve using fabric with a right and wrong side.  

Cutting Instructions

1. Trace sleeve pattern twice on pattern paper or tracing paper. You will use one sleeve to make a new cuff and the other to make a new sleeve pattern.

2. To make your new cuff pattern, measure up from the cuff fold line ¼.” Draw a line and cut on this line. Discard the top part of the sleeve.

Sleeve new cuff - 1

3. To make your new sleeve pattern, measure down ¼” from the cuff fold line and cut on this line. Discard this portion of the cuff.

Sleeve new cuff - 2

4. Write “cut 2” on both your new sleeve and cuff patterns.

Sleeve new cuff - 3Sleeve new cuff - 4

5. Place the right side of the cuff to the wrong side of the sleeve and stitch. Unfold and press towards sleeve. Repeat with the other sleeve.

Sleeve new cuff - 5

6. Stitch corded piping on the right side across of the cuff the bottom. Press the seam allowance to the wrong side of the cuff.

Sleeve new cuff - 6

7. Fold up the cuff to right side of sleeve. Topstitch across the sleeve in the ditch between the cuff and piping.

Sleeve new cuff - 7

Technique by

Susan Whitman

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